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4 January


We’re simple creatures, and at our core, we only need the basics to survive. We’re simple, but we load our lives with a lot of complexity. Some of the complexity brings meaning, and some of it is necessary. But many times, it’s too much. We do more
30 December

How to be successful

Everybody wants to be successful. But what does success mean?
7 January

Why senior engineers need soft skills

A question I've been asked many times before. Why do I need to develop soft skills to become a more senior engineer? The answer is simple: scope of impact. When you're a junior, you can scale your impact (your value to the company) by simply getting better at your craft.
14 January


How to tackle uncertainty. Life is filled with decisions that we need to make. Some of them are simple and easy, but many are complex, with an array of variables to consider and a lot of uncertainty. Making a decision that involves your career, for example, is typically fraught with